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Unlock Better Mobility Through Graston Technique in Wilmington

If chronic soft tissue injuries or restrictive scar tissue adhesions are compromising your movement and function, Graston Technique offered by Advance in Motion Physical Therapy can help resolve integrity issues for good. This specialized manual therapy uses patented tools to skillfully break down dysfunction so you can get back to fully participating in rehabilitation or the activities you love pain-free.

Compassionate Manual Therapy For Restoring Mobility

At Advance in Motion Physical Therapy, we view mobility as a human right central to health that our therapists feel privileged assisting patients in reclaiming. With focused patience and care, our skilled Graston providers combine clinical expertise with an empowering atmosphere so individuals struggling with avoidable movement limitations caused by past injuries can transcend beliefs of “this is just how I’ll have to live” into newly possible through targeted treatment.

Who Can Benefit From The Graston Technique in Wilmington?

Our Graston soft tissue programs effectively treat:

  • Chronic tendonitis – Achilles, patellar, elbows
  • Trigger points and muscle strains
  • Post-surgical scar tissue dysfunction
  • Restrictive plantar fasciitis
  • Adhesive capsulitis/frozen shoulders
  • Cumulative trauma disorders
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Tight IT bands, hamstrings, hip flexors
  • Carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome

Essentially anyone dealing with reduced mobility, flexibility or coordination caused by lingering scar tissue adhesions finds lasting restoration of sliding soft tissue capacities and relief from stiffness or pain.

Customized Graston Treatment Programming

During initial evaluations, your expert Graston clinician thoroughly palpates regions scanning for:

  • Thickened, dense tissue
  • Painful movement restrictions
  • Tenderness along joint connective tissue
  • Muscular trigger points
  • Scar tissue bands causing nerve impingement

These assessment findings combined with your medical history and previous failed interventions allows customized protocols leveraging combinations of:

  • Stainless steel Graston tools to breakdown dysfunctional areas
  • Assisted stretches and exercises
  • Joint manipulation or traction techniques
  • Movement pattern reeducation
  • Nutritional recommendations

We continually track progress through improved mobility, reduced irritation and enhanced functional performance.

Graston Technique Specialty – Lasting Outcomes

Our excellent patient outcomes treating common mobility-limiting pathologies include:

Targeted Pain Relief
Precisely contouring dense planes underneath the skin provides referred sensation pain relief when other approaches can’t reach the buried dysfunction.

Restored Flexibility and ROM
Realigning disorganized collagen matrices between fascial compartments allows sliding mobility to resume between muscular and connective tissues enhancing movement freedom.

Expedited Injury Healing
Meticulously breaking up scar tissue while sparking fresh blood flow to areas in need stimulates sluggish recovery for chronic issues.

Improved Biomechanical Efficiency
Releasing movement-impairing restrictions optimizes coordinated sequences, movement economy and injury resilience across sporting or repetitive occupational demands.

Spotlight On Our Certified Physical Therapists

Through advanced specialized training and years of experience implementing Graston soft tissue methods on patients, your expert clinician Natalie Knight understands the intricacies of appropriate tool selection, correct angle applications meeting desired tissue vectors, and perfect pressure gradations across regions to yield optimal mechanical and reflexive release benefits without over compressing tissues.

Patients consistently praise the precise expertise and thoughtful bedside manner offered during Graston treatment sessions facilitated by our Wilmington specialists. Experience why we stand above other providers in helping patients regain active lifestyles once hindered by past injuries and residual dysfunction.

Graston Technique FAQs

How does Graston compare to massage therapy?

Graston uses patented tools uniquely contoured to penetrate deeper layers of tissue not reachable by hands to break up density and stimulate reflexive release across broader dysfunctional zones versus massage pressure alone.

What does getting Graston work feel like?

Patients can experience some initial discomfort over dysfunctional zones as tools break down adhesions but improved range of motion follows. Post-treatment muscle soreness occasionally occurs but resolves quickly as regeneration processes are stimulated.

When will I feel the results?

Most patients experience some level of symptomatic or functional relief immediately but certain conditions require a few repeated sessions to experience full mechanical and neurological releases. Your therapist will guide reasonable expectations.

Who shouldn’t receive Graston treatment?

Those prone to excessive bruising or taking blood thinners should take precautions with Graston. Also those with contagious skin conditions. We determine safety during consultations.

Explore Graston in Wilmington for Mobility Relief

If past injuries or trauma continue compromising your movement freedom despite other treatment attempts, Graston soft tissue work could provide the precise solution needed for lasting relief when other modalities fail to reach layered dysfunction.

Our advanced assessment tools pinpoint adhesions and restrictions underlying mobility losses and persistent discomfort that basic massage and mobility work can’t always access effectively. By methodically breaking down dysfunctional density, realigning disorganized collagen matrices and resetting reflexive guarding patterns using patented instruments, Graston releases therapeutic windows for optimized recovery. Patients describe the treatments as intensely effective – and our outcomes speak for themselves.

Contact Advance in Motion Physical Therapy in Wilmington today to schedule a consultation examining how Graston can be incorporated into care plans to address residual limitations hindering rehabilitation attempts so you can get back to comfortable living on your terms. Our mobility and injury recovery experts eagerly await helping you.

About The Author

Jennifer DeMarco ignites movement in patients facing pre- and post-surgical orthopedic injuries, chronic pain conditions and postural dysfunction. With years of dedication they unlock physical potential for a better quality of life. At Advance in Motion Physical Therapy in Wilmington, Jennifer DeMarco wields a patient-centered approach, wielding cutting-edge techniques and bespoke care plans to conquer a vast array of physical challenges.


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kat johns

The team at AIM is caring and knowledgeable, and I can’t say enough to thank them for what they have done for me.  I had spend the last 20 years in pain off and on.  The worse the pain got, the less I moved.  After going to different doctors over the years and not getting an answer as to why I hurt, only that I do, I had just accepted that I had no choice.  A friend told me about how much Jen helped her, and although I had my doubts walking in, I walked out a believer.  My first appt Jen was able to relieve some of my pain that was in my back, down my leg, and into my foot. Instant relief!  She was able to find the why that causes the what.  I am still working with Jen and couldn’t be happier.  I am in less pain for longer stints after each visit, and Jen has shown me the stretches and movement to strengthen the muscles that were causing my pain and how to prevent injury.  For the first time, in a long time, I am saying yes to life when my body forced me to say no.  Thank you Dr. Jen and Emily for changing my life! 

Jessica Kromer

Advance in Motion has been a lifesaver! Jennifer has helped with pain I’ve felt during pregnancy and has set me up for feeling good after the babies come. She’s helped by figuring out what exercises I can do comfortably now and continue after. I’m so happy I started coming here!