Advance in Motion Physical Therapy

Emily Grace Perez

Emily Grace Perez

Patient Care Coordinator

I was born and raised in West New York, New Jersey. Went to Alvernia University and UNCW for Biology and Studio Art. I have 7 years’ experience of medical administrative work and customer service and I am a part-time artist.

Core Values

Creativity, empathy, loyalty, and self-growth.

Favorite Quote

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

At Adance in Motion, I am the patient care coordinator. Something patients have to deal with that I want to help with is guiding them to better health insurance.

I like working here because of the community and relationships we’ve built with our patients.

What’s Emily Watching, Reading or Listening To?

  1. Harry Potter (Series)
  2. Friends (Show)
  3. John Delony (Podcast)
  4. The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk (Currently Reading)

When I’m not at work, I’m painting. When I am not painting, I am reading or being active. I enjoy running, working out or a nice walk on the beach.


Patient Testimonials

“This was my first experience with physical therapy, so I was admittedly a little nervous with my first visit. That quickly changed! Jen has been so kind, personable and makes me feel so comfortable each time I’m there. On top of that she’s clearly knowledgeable in her field. She has not only helped with pain I’ve been experiencing but has also helped me understand where the pain comes from and what’s going on inside my body. I have to also say Emily is such a delight to be greeted by as well!” – April Minton

“We can’t speak highly enough of AIM (Advance in motion) Physical Therapy. Jennifer DeMarco (PT, DOT, MPH) has been working with my husband for several months (a difficult case, as my husband is not a candidate for surgery), and he has made incredible progress working with Jennifer. His balance is better, and despite a few setbacks, his leg is getting stronger. Jen is patient, kind, a wonderful educator, and a truly gifted therapist. She explains things thoroughly and makes sure there is follow-through at home. She deserves all the kudos we can give her, and we encourage people to choose Jennifer DeMarco as their Physical Therapist. We’d also like to praise and thank Emily, Admin. Asst., for her kindness, professionalism, scheduling skills, and savvy, etc. it’s a wonderful place for PT!”  – Lise Weinert

“Jen DeMarco is by far the best physical therapist I have ever gone to! She’s both observant and astute giving her the ability to solve the problem. She’s also knowledgeable, intelligent, and compassionate. I love the positive, upbeat atmosphere at AIM PT clinic. Emily Perez, the patient care coordinator, is very efficient and organized, and a pleasure to work with. My joint issues are finally being resolved, thanks to this incredible team! I’m beyond grateful!” – Sue Kidd